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I need joyner parts


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I am also looking for Joyner parts or actually a parts vehicle. I need a buildable 2009 or so TrooperII 2 seater 1100,or at least a main frame assembly with a title and a left control arm. A builder or frame must have a clean and clear title. Insurance company is totaling mine after I dropped it in a 6 foot deep ditch sideways and bent the frame bad enough to bend my custom half-door, bust the windshield and shove the left wheel back 6 inches. I am currently 50 miles from Reno Nv but will travel most of the west within 5-600 miles to pick up. We should be leaving for Quartzsite Arizona in a few weeks so I am also interested in any in that area. I would appreciate any tips on any dead or wrecked Troopers for sale, I need to prove to the insurance company that their salvage price is too high if I can, and need parts.    

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