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UTV trailer


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We own 40 acres with the house, and a 2 acre hunting camp & RV, 40 miles away.

I have 7.5' X 14' single axle dovetail with a expanded metal rear gate/ramp, wood floor, 14" high, 2" square tubing side rails.  Single axle because the heaviest things I haul are a 18 hp tractor and a K-TransMule, dual axles are much heavier, cumbersome, and costly to maintain.  Both the tractor and Mule have 2" balls to tote other stuff after I get to the site.

I have hauled upto 5 - 30" X 12' logs, loaded the old fashion way, with a cant hook and log side ramps.  Unloaded via a chain around a stout tree, then drive off, repeat.  If I cannot perform the task with my light equipment it doesn't get done.

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It would depend on what the size of stuff you want to carry, conditions, UTV size, etc.

There are the little metal tow behind 10 cubic ft dump trailers with a pin hitch available from a number of places for around $100-200. These are for intended for low speed offroad use.

There are some bigger offroad style trailers in the $300-800 range depending on how fancy you want to get. These typically still have the pin hitch, some include nice features for off grade work, such as articulated axles. These still aren't meant for higher speeds or on road use.

You mentioned some larger stuff so another option would be buying a small kit trailer from Harbor Freight or Northern Tool. They're usually more like $250-500 and require you to supply a piece of plywood for decking. They usually have an automotive style hitch so they won't handle too much angle difference between the towing vehicle and the trailer if you're "offroading". They also tend to be wider than most UTVs so you will have to be careful that they fit on the trails you want to use. They are however able to be titled in most states, and are legal for road use.

The best bet is to look at exactly what you want to carry, and conditions, path width, etc and start looking at trailers from there. Northern Tool caries a good selection of all three styles mentioned above with various features. Harbor Freight has the first and third styles mentioned also.

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