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Coleman UTV500-4 EFI service manual needed

Paul Ramey

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I assume you looked thru all the 500 manuals  in the download section and theyre all for the carbed version?

It should be substantially similar to the 550 model, all the EFI, and mechanical is essentially the same AFAIK just a slightly different size piston, infact all the Hisun models are very mechanically simila, with differences in bodies, accessories, and minor driveline changes due to spacing requirements.

Do you have anything in particular you need help with?

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I see that the 500 and 550 are almost the same. The 550 can give error codes from the dashboard, I don't think the 500 can, not the same dashboard. . Trying to find out why the motor is losing power/fuel and need info on parking brake replacement.

All the info in the 500 files are for carb motors.   I am thinking that not many 500's were made before they switched to the 550.

I like to do my own work, but hard to do it without good tech info

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They use the same EFI system controlled by the Delphi MT05 ECU.

Mechanically they are all similar, I would be surprised if your unit will not spit out error codes like the rest of them.

Go ahead and give us more details of exactly whats happening and maybe we can point you in the right direction.

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