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2020 Coleman 550 Bad Bearing and Pops Out of Gear When in Forward


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I bought this from an auction not working and when you drive it forward it felt like it was poping out of gear and could hearing bad bearing noise from engine/trans. I knew the bearing noise was coming from trans or clutch so I went ahead and pull it out and apart to see what was going on. the bearing noise seems to be the one way clutch bearing so the clutch and drum are both messed up. is there any way that binding up would make the clutch disconnect or anything? do you know what else would cause that? i heard somewhere that you can just remove the bearing completely and it will just free spin down hill, has anyone done this? thank you so much for your help and advise

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  • Alex changed the title to 2020 Coleman 550 Bad Bearing and Pops Out of Gear When in Forward

Does the bearing look like it physically failed? If it's intermittently failing it could cause drivability issues. I haven't experienced it myself so I can't comment on exact symptoms.

The failures I've read about it seems to start locking/unlocking at random and making a grinding noise before it shortly catastrophically fails.

Motorcycle Dr recommends cutting the spring shorter on the factory one way bearing to give it more spring pressure, if you dig around on their website you can find the pdf.

Yes you can ditch the one way bearing if you want.

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