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Ball Joints

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Has anybody used different ball joints I have a bad one would like to put a better one in

I plan on changing all 6 of my ball joints. I'm afraid they are going to let loose some day. The stock ones are junk. Just haven't done it yet.


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    • By 2scoops
      Anyone have an outer cv joint ball cage? Mine is cracked up. Other than that it's a good axel.
      Please let me know
    • By 2scoops
      At over 3500k Miles on my trooper. My a arm joints were shot. Ordered new from joyner USA but sent them back. I felt they were low quality especially for $25 a piece. They were nylon injected but the nylon was loose inside the end. I expected more for $25 a piece.  And honestly the original heims were clearly higher quality. It concerns me that Joyner may be supplying lesser quality parts than they used to.
      I ended up ordering QA1 time joints from eBay for $19 apiece they are also nylon injected but higher quality. The part number is :
      QA1 MXMR16 Rod End (X) Endura Alloy Ht M-R 16Mm-16Mm
      May want to pin this in part section of this forum.
    • By silverbullet
      We are going to make outer c/v joints for 650 Spider Trooper Renegade outer joints.
      928 344 2117  Silverbulletmotorsports.net
    • By silverbullet
      Lets talk about thing we just don't think about.Its the c/v axles.We change the oil and replace brakes and tune up engine.So what else do we need to service is the c/v axles.
      lubrication brakes down from cheep grease and friction of the balls and the cage.If boots are good than just cut off the steel clamps get some brake clean and a brush and rags and clean out all the old grease .Replace with a good quality synthetic grease.We carry Desert Gold grease that when repacking the c/v will last a long time it will not break down.We tested a new C/V axle and drove it hard and then we replace the grease with Desert Gold and the c/v ran 20% cooler than the new one
    • By Tobie1987
      Where's everyone get there wheel bearings  and ball joints for there trooper..??? I need aleast one rear wheel bearing at the moment .. the others aren't that bad yet..I need all 4 new ball joints for the front..

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