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installed new belt now now hard shift and lurches forward


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Hi there,


My name is Vern and im in Alaska. I have a 2019 ranger 1000 xp HL crew. So the machine had zero issues with clutch or shifting. then the belt blew. i got the new Polaris belt installed with no issues. i cleaned everything and made sure all belt debris was removed. installed new belt.  now it lurches in gear and is hard to shift if at all. when i insert clutch spacing tool in secondary and relieve belt pressure then in shifts when off no problem. the secondary is spinning fast when in park or neutral. i did try adding and removing shims from secondary also without any change.  the primary moves in and out without issue. it appears there is no issue with primary or secondary. im stumped. can u help please.

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ENGINE OFF.  Look at primary (PRI) pulley.....does the belt fit "tight" and rubs on the slider sheave......this is what makes the secondary (SEC) pulley spin in neutral.  Manually spin the SEC pulley.....does it bind and drag at the PRI pulley? 

Options for the problem:

Some aftermarket belts are cut wrong and the inside groves do NOT match the pulley groves and/or the number of groves are different than the pulley groves.  Count both groves and location.

The PRI pulley is NOT opening wide enough.  Did the belt shred with strings?  Sometimes the strings (cords) get UNDER the sliding sheave and bind....keeping the PRI pulley from opening wide enough.

Mechanical wear on the slinger weights, the pins, slides, bad rub wear spots inside...requires PRI tear down and tools.

Remove belt and hand squeeze the PRI sheave.....no binds and pops back to the idle position with a clunk at the stop.

Start motor (no belt installed)  rev up and watch the PRI sheave movement.  Should close up and then slam back at idle.

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Don't know about the ranger. But when I changed the belt on my cfmoto. Once everything was back together I had to spin the secondary sheave backwards 4 or 5 turns. To tighten the belt on the sheaves.

When the belt went out it shredded and bits of cord and rubber was in the primary sheave. Had to clean that out.

Also use a green sos pad to scuff up the sheaves.


That's all I got. Best of luck and keep us posted on the progress.

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