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New Toy Project


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Pics of XTZ in progress... should be done in another week. It'll have King Racing Shocks, Beard Super TZ full containment seats, ITP Beadlock wheels with ITP BajaCross 8 ply tires, Fabworx racing cage minus the door bar, 1/4 doors by Fabworx, redesigned spare tire carrier, oh and the seats are lowered 4 inches. And lots of frame bracing too. 13 inches ground clearance with 13 inches wheel travel.

More pics tomorrow..

Side view before bracing is added


Rear shot with some of the bracing tacked in place


Beard Super TZ seat (driver's side) that's replacing OEM Highback seat (passenger side)


Beadlocked ITP Wheels and Tires


Comparison of lowered passenger seat versus unlowered seat


Few more pics of the cage after painting and the lowered tire carrier...



Grab Handles


Lowered Tire Carrier


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More pics...It's not done by any means, next comes the ITP Beadlock wheels, 1/4 doors, low windshield with fold out upper, King Shocks which will lift it a couple more inches, and lots of hidden goodies..




Buddy of mine that stands way over 6ft... said it's the most comfortable fit he's ever had.


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Well, sorry I haven't had much time to update the thread, but the car is pretty much done. I lost a motor, blew a rear diff from too much power on take off on asphalt, changed a few things and voila, it's here...

Got some seat time and testing done on it this weekend. Springs are a bit on the soft side and no sway bar hooked up yet, but it was a blast. Had several 4400 KOH cars and a trophy truck out on the track last Saturday... It was awesome running out there with them... I could tell I didn't have the 500-800hp they had, but still held my own..

Chopped the throttle a bit too soon on the jump face (causing it to drop the nose on landing), but it was a pretty soft landing overall, then had another quick jump as soon as the car settled, followed by a 180 turn... good test of suspension reaction...

The jump is actually 48ft lip to lip. Got about a 55-58ft jump outta this... Wished I had the angle more from the side to see the actual height and distance better..but I was making the jump just barely shorter than the KOH cars were doing...

Video of it on the course...

PROWLER PROJECTS :: MVI_0278.mp4 video by DarrylD89 - Photobucket

New color....






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