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T2 or T4 Trooper Mud Guard Extensions

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Here are a couple of pictures showing an extension on the original mud guards on a Trooper T4. I though is was a great idea and look pretty good. Basically what a panel beater has done is fabricated some new guards and bolted the stock guards back on to them. The windscreen is auto safety glass and whist the mirrors look pretty average, are very practical and work well.

Cheers Mike.






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That does look pretty good, and like something that could be done pretty easily, I would just worry about the getting wider, damaged some mirror and broke a fender so far, I'm sure I would have stripped the wider fenders right off.


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Yes, the width does become an issue going this wide with no flex but for this T4 owner it's no worries at all. Basically this UTV is used to transport people, dogs and lots of goods into a very remote spot half way down Mahia Peninsula, North Island NZ. If the tide is out it is a drive on the beach over a few reefs and a few sand hills or if the tide is in over a metal road for 17km and then drop down on to the beach on very steep tracks on farm land. This set-up is going to work very well for those conditions. The 2 worst things are the wet sand blasting you and the dust & stones blasting you on the metal road, so this should sort that out.

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