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    • By Baddog04
      Have bad knees.  Looking for a single row UTV side x side, with the most leg room so knees won't get jammed or banged against the dash  when I hit a bump.  Several that I have tried sitting in a festivals/fairs have my knees hittng the dash.  I'm 6'3 and weigh 300lbs.  Found Can AM Defender to be best fit thus far, but welcome any other suggestions.  Alike everything else, manufactures must think everyone is 5 '7" and weighs 150 lbs.  
    • By Kinarfi
      Since I had to pull the floor pans and numerous other items to get to where my frame needed welding, It only needed another day or two my schedule, slow, to add 4" to my leg room. Doesn't seem too hard to do, I was planning on 6", but at 4", I had pretty much used up the the excess brake line length, so I stopped at 4" and called the guy that is lengthening my front drive line and told him 4 instead of 6, glad I got to him in time. Should be ready tomorrow.
      Just a little comment, Lenny and Rocmoc both made their machines smaller or shorter, Lenny made his smaller, shorter and tighter to the point I can't even get in, never got the chance to try and get into Rocmoc's, now mine is + sized, but not as long as a T4

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