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Need more people to post


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I am afraid if we don't get more postings we could lose the site. That is why I post so much. Why would Admin keep the site up if no one uses it? Come and join me with questions, trip reports or whatever. Post why you aren't posting, LOL.

rocmoc n AZ

You are right,many of the utv forums here have not had any posts for a year or more.There has to be utv owners that have questions or suggestions that can post them.It can be anything you may have done to your utv or would like to do but might not know how to go about it.What you may have done to your Rhino,Razr, or what ever might be of inerest to someone else regardless of the make.I know there are alot of people visiting the forum that are guests or members so speak up.this is the most friendly site you could post on.

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    • By amautv
      1 1/2 years ago I was riding along in my 2018 Coleman 550 Outfitter when the CVT belt broken.  Just prior to that I was having some shifting issues that I now understand can be part of the clutch. Finally a few months ago I sent it in to a shop who put in a new belt as well as a new wet clutch (drum, one way bearing, etc and an oil change) He fired it up and it turned on fine, sounded fine and I took it home. It was an auto shop but not a UTV specific shop. So get it home and after a half hour or so it started making some noises with my 10 year old driving it around. I get home and he said theres noises again and I played around a bit. Within a short bit of trying to drive it around I started having noises that I now understand was my One Way Bearing being destroyed. Aka metal noises from the bearing falling apart.   Of course, after the cost of $800 to take it to a shop plus $200 in gas, trailer rental etc to take it in and back (it was a friends shop that was a bit of ad istance) I was quite ticked and pushed the UTV back into my garage and left it for a while.  Then this past weekend i watched a bunch of Youtube videos along with a mechanic friend to pull things apart.  We found the spindle was loose, opened it up further and found the one way bearing fell apart in my hand and the little bearings were already worn, no longer round and this was from less than a hour of use. THerefore leading me to believe it had very quick failure after the new wet clutch was put in.  We looked things to look for damage further.  Nothing really scratched/grooves etc so I ordered a new OEM bearing and we put it in, sealed it back up, followed the specs of everything and was 110% sure we put the One Way Bearing in correctly.    We rode it around for a hour, sounded fine.   Next day used it, sounded fine for a half hour.   Third day I turned it on and let it idle a little bit and found that I was hearing metal scraping again like I did right after getting my utv back from the shop.  Therefore I am 99% certain the One Way Bearing is about to break again (already breaking)   Its a brand new OEM belt.  Nothing looks off on the spindle.   I do not know for sure if the shop touched the inner race for which, in my understanding, the One Way Bearing spins. I know I may be sounding ignorant here.  I am not a mechanic by any means but I have learned a bit with the recent Youtube videos and attempted repairs.  Whatever that "ufo" looking object is, we replaced the bearings (those black things that spin) I replaced the whole "Ufo" lol... as the original had some wear/tear that prevented it from spinning perfect. Nothing currently
      visibly looks off... and the issue is mostly when the machine is more in an idle.  It was at an idle when the One Way Bearing sorta went kaput the last time.  THe noises is at an idle... but if I can get it drive, its fine.  It also affects the ability to shift the gears. 

      I know I will have to replace the One Way Bearing again... I just dont know what might cause the issue that is destroying the bearinga nd so quickly.   Again, this all started when the belt snapped when I was going about 15 mph down a road on a warm day.  It has higher miles.  The wet clutch was in bad shape and its replaced.   The paperwork says "wet clutch assembly kit")   Is there something that the belt can do to cause damage that might not be as visible but would directly create an issue that lets the bearing get ate right up?? Help me!  I hate this machine and I really want it to run well ... so I can sell it and find something else  haha..
    • By Kirk
      My starter turns over (spins) but does not crank the engine over. I see the engine has a one way starter bearing similar to the one way clutch bearing. I believe my one way starter bearing needs replaced.
      Does anyone have instructions (Steps) on how to replace the one way starter bearing on a HiSUN HS500?
      Thank you,
    • By rob1845
      I lost my  Auxiliary lights and power steering and it is flashing area code F0014
    • By KidColeman
      Hi All,
      Just picked  up a 2020 UT400 that my 80 year old father will be driving around the farm.  We purchased the machine with a few "issues" and they lowered the price accordingly.  Small stuff like passenger size mirror and back reflector was torn off by a Tractor supply employee, which we will order replacements for.  Also after further inspection, whoever assembled it did not put a few bolts in the rollcage and aren't in the glovebox, so will be having to order those also.
      Anyway, there are two initial things on the UT400 I'm not sure what they are or for.  The first, there is a square white electrical connector with about 8 pins hanging form under the middle of the back bed - I don't see another one to match up or plug into it, so wondering if this is pre installed optional connection for like towing around a sprayer?  Anyone know what this is?  Also, there is a 10 inch black rubber hose that is zip tied to the back A frame on the passenger side.  I watched the assembly video and it doesn't mention one, so don't know what this hose is for - anyone know?
      Also, has anyone come up with a "fix" or work around for having to have the seatbelts plugged in or even in place?  We aren't planning on using them and are figuring just plugging them in and wedging them behind the seats - didn't know if there is a way to just disconnect the "over 10mph gas starving" safety sensor.
      Looking forward to seeing how this machine does for my father.   I'm thinking about installing a suicide knob on it for easier turning for him, as it's a little stiff (compared to our Kawasaki Mule).  Maybe with use it will loosen up some?
    • By Dan Jumper
      Does anyone happen to know if the wires in the glove box are for a trickle charger? Black/red wire with connector at the end, normally to connect a charger but just wanted any input. Don't want to fry anything.
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