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We have had to change our business model & how we vacation. Reason the stupid economy & trouble in Mexico.

SO, In 2012 we are reversing everything. We use to vacation the winter in Mexico and work off & on thu out the rest of the year. We now are going to work a single chunk of time in the winter making trips to Fld & Tx where the economy is much better. Then we will do the Mexico trip in June wandering around BUT instead in the USA.

SO, in 2012 we WILL be pulling the Trooper behind us and be visiting the North Rim of Grand Canyon, Very Southern edge of Ut,, a visit with friends in Hurricane Ut.(if I have not made them too mad with my Joyner Company post), up to Moab, Ut., on to Vernal, Ut., visit friends in St. Charles, Id., over to the Sand Dunes at Killpecker, Wy (I believe Kinarfi was talking about going here) and will return home to AZ. This will happen in the month of June. I will post a few more details later and maybe we will be able to meet others off-roaders along the way. There will be other sidetrips along the way. If you have any interest, PM me as I am not going to post ALL details.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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