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Rally In The Pines, Island Park, Idaho


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The Rally In The Pines has been extended to a three day event next year and it will be held in Island Park, Idaho on August 24th, 25th and 26th, 2012. Lot’s of new group rides and motorsports activities are being added. The Rally in 2012 will have rides for 50' and under vehicles and rides with no width restrictions. Plus, this year the Rally will offer two dirt bike rides. One to Big Bend Ridge and one to Two Top Mountain. We are currently working with the Forest Service to be able to include rides that have a western campfire lunch along the way. More on that soon.

In addition at Rally Park next year will be a “Show & Shine” sponsored by Starting Line Products and demo rides provided by Arctic Cat. The new Wildcat will be one of the vehicles you can take out and demo.

For more information, please visit our web site: Rally In The Pines

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Some trail yes, but on Bishop Mountain and Red Rock Pass you would be good to go! These are two of the group rides.

For an independent ride (Free Ride), you would be good on the Sawtell Mountain ride.

Hope to see you at the Rally!


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Rally Update!

All the new "rides" have been posted on the Rally In The Pines web site and on The Rally's new facebook page. There will be rides over the Continental Divide into remote mountain lakes and wildlife refuges. And rides to the tops of mountains where there is Forest Service lookout towers and where you can see into three states and you can watch Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park erupt.

On the facebook page we are posting the prizes everyone can win as we get them from our sponsors. This year we will have over $4000 in prizes in the Rally prize drawing.

There will be a live music concert both Friday and Saturday, after the group rides return to Rally Park Central.

Check out the schedule and all the rides at: http://www.rallyinthepines.com

And "like" us on the new rally facebook page to get bulletins about all the prizes, news and additions to the Rally.




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