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Summer 2012 Trooper Trip

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Here is a rough schedule of next summer's trip with the Trooper. Anyone is welcome to join on all or part of the trip. I pretty sure Kinarfi is going to Killpecker with us.

June 7th-12th Moab, Ut (norm temp 92-96)

June 13th-15th Dinosaur National Park, http://www.nps.gov/dino/index.htm (norm temp 84)

June 16th-19th Vernal, Ut, http://www.4x4now.com/trutvr.htm (norm temp 85)

June 20th-23rd Killpecker Sand Dunes just north of Rock Springs, Wy, http://www.duneguide.com/sand_dune_guide_killpecker.htm (norm temp 76)

rocmoc n AZ

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Trip has moved one week later as we had to tie down a reservation for our stop after Killpecker Dunes. Moab is dependent on the weather. If the forecast is cool with a storm front crossing Washington & Oregon, then we will go for it. If it is going to be HOT HOT HOT we will forgo Moab. Trip will start with DINOS.

rocmoc n AZ

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