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Which UTV to Buy


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Im in the market to buy a UTV I have been looking at the polaris Razor four seater. I'm looking for something me, the wife, and our daughter can go to the desert with. I recently found the Joyner Renegade R, does any one have any reviews or informaiton on this UTV, it seemed significantly cheaper than the rest of them. Any informaiton will be appriciated, I was also looking a possibly getting a four seater buggy with a VW Motor.

Thanks for the help!!!

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Hello everyone! Been reading the forum here for a while and I hope to be joining the ranks of proud UTV owners in the very near future. I was driving by Wheeling West Virginia the other day and found myself at the massive Cabela's store there. First of all, the wall of guns was amazing. Second of all, when I walked in there was four models of UTV's sitting out front. A four seater (not what I want to buy), and 800cc Sport Model, the Coleman Outfitter UTV , 700 and 500 Model.

They looked well made and after a couple searches on my smartphone I found out they were made by Hisun in China. I then suffered from some mild sticker shock as well. Then a couple of searches later I found this online UTV wholesaler that ships the the exact same unit to your door for several thousand less but had a 7-10 day ship time. I just could not justify spending a couple extra thousand just because it was sitting in front of Cabela's. I placed my order yesterday so I will keep you updated on how my buying experience goes. I plan to use it for riding in the smoky mountain of TN on camping trips.

Thoughts? Comments?

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