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2004 3010 Jammed Hood

Rick Strobel

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I did take the dash and the glove boxes out off of my 3010 when I was working on the hood and cargo compartment. Is the problem with the hood latch? or is it possible the way the hood is mounted? I bought a 3010 that TPO had pop rivited the hood on at one time. I squirted the hood latch full or PB Blaster several times and then forced the latch handle in really hard at the bottom of the handle and got the hood to pop open. There wasn't any hood opening hardware left, TPO had a rubber bungee strap holding the front of the hood in place. I since then have took pictures of hoods at a dealer and ordered all the pieces, bolts, screws clips that are on the hood and after a long learning curve have it all together and it works fine. I used the parts diagram that is downloadable on Kawasaki.com to learn a lot about how the hood and hardware go together.

It is esscential that the hood be able to be opened in order to check the coolant and the brake fluid

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Thanks much MrOkie. By removing some screws and dash components, I was able to pry around and get both latches open. I believe now it has been in a pretty healthy front end accident as nothing lines up good regarding the hood. The exquisite hinging system is pretty bizarre and can't see anything bent.

Can you recommend a good shop manual?


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