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Joyner Trooper performance upgrades?


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Hello UTVBoard!

I am new to this site as well as a new onwer of a Joyner Trooper T2. I am very skilled in mechanical knowledge, I love this buggy but am starting to notice some flaws and issues finding parts...

I am located in houston TX and use my Trooper for mud, and we all know how hard on anything mud is!

I am interested in turbocharging my Trooper. I have everything figured out except, fuel management & timing (retarding the timing) what do i need to do as far as fuel management and do i need to pull away some timing? I'm only looking for about 6 PSI But anyone who knows much about boost knows at 0 psi (Atmospheric pressure) you ar pruducing around 14 PSI, add 6 more and you are close to 20 overall... i have always run head studs, cometic head gaskets etc. being how hard it is to find parts for the chery motor its looking like that stuff is not gonna be an option... how dependable is this motor when super or turbo charging? what will be my next week link? i have already ordered the kevlar clutch, what else can i expect to need? by the way i will be running an intercooler... i know its not really needed for only 6 PSI but the kind of riding we do is a lot of lower speeds so an intercooler will help with keeping temps down... big thanks for any help!

Second i have already (on my first ride) had diff issues... the guy i bought it from said both diffs were upgraded but.... the rear diff failed, the 12 bolts that hold the ring gear losened then stripped out then fell out.... I have plenty of experiance setting up ring and pinions and both the ring and pinion gears looked perfect, the spider gears could be better but far from bad... i re tapped the ring gear got heat treated hardened steel bolts and loc-tite sealed it back up and on the trail again.. all of the bearings looked good, im not a big fan of re-using seals but didnt want to search for new ones when these were ok... how do i tell if they were upgraded???

Third The dang starter... wasn't working when i got the buggy but a little looking and figured out the starter motor crosses over to a mitsubishi starter motor and soliniod... new starter installed and i still have the soliniod "clickl" but no starter, enough turns of the key and it engages... sometimes ten to fifteen cycles and sometimes it starts on the first try.. very frustrating! i have not checked the voltage at the starter but being so sparatic i dont think thats the issue. anything you guys know that i dont? anything i should check?

last is there anything that crosses over to the Chery Motor? toyota, mazda, mitsu stc.????

Thanks for any help or advice i am learning a lot about this thing and it is flat AWESOME off road!

look foward to helping with anything i can in the future!

Thanks Josh AKA Swamp Donkey

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Welcome Goindeep! Glad to have you here and it sounds like you will be a welcome addition to the Joyner Forum. On the starting issues - Search this forum by typing in T2 Starter or just starter. The thread is actually T2 starter and it was started by Charlie. Most likely you need to put in a relay and just run a new wire from the ignition switch to the relay. A number of us have had similar problems. I just recently did and just first put in the relay which didn't solve the problem as it turned out my wire from the ignition switch back to the starter solenoid was bad somewhere in between. That should help you on the starter. There are a number of parts that are interchangeable but some of them just have to try and be matched up. Some of them there are part numbers for so go to one of the first threads that talks about Joyner replacement parts and you will see part numbers, etc for the most common parts. I would say review the first number of threads to start off with as there is good info in them. Even the belt you can get at Autozone as I got an extra there one day by just taking in the part number off the stock belt. Which ironically is a Gates. There are a number of threads on the differentials and Lenny, Plumber and a couple of others on here run superchargers and turbos. There are a number of threads on that as well. Just start searching and you will see. You can spend half a day reading these old threads as there is a lot!

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The engine is a good little engine and seems to take abuse well. You don't need to change gaskets or head studs. You really don't need to change anything on the engine to make it stronger. As Bruhal said above, read the threads and go way back. Lots of discussion on things your concerned about including how to tell if you difs have been upgraded. As far as fuel management goes, the stock computer used a closed loop system where it senses the oxygen/fuel mixture at the exhause and adjust injector pulse width accordingly. However this will tend to make things green compliant and the most power is found at richer mixtures. Going to Silverbullets fuel controller allows richening the mixture which may work just fine for you. If you still arn't getting enough fuel to satisfy the extra boosted intake, you can increase the fuel pressure but don't go past abourt 70 PSI. Injectors don't produce reliable volumns after that pressure range. Make sure your fuel pressure is consistant and very steady. That is also covered in the past threads. You also have the option to go to larger injectors. I would lstart out by trying the 20 to 22 pound per hour injector area. Be sure to get high impedance injectors. The starter that you found as an substitute is information we here are gladto hear about as we here so far haven't found a replacement. Good work on that. That info needs to be added to the pinned parts thread.


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Thanks for all the help! and on the starter issue conversion, i will try to find exactly what year and model starter myou can buy that fits... a local starter/alt shop is who rebuilt it for me... i am very good at find conversion parts or crossover parts so if you guys would like i will post them? i am currently checking into the wheel bearings and have found them made by National i will post part numbers soon. as well break pads? looking to see what i can find locally... again thanks for the help and i will be doing lots of reading!

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I'm also new to this site and a new owner of a used T2. I'm happy with the ability of the rig, but want more low end power. That quest has lead to countless hours of reading on this site and the internet.

For now I think that I am going to stay away from turbocharging, only because of money, but I did find the following turbo kit while I was looking/entertaining the idea


Thought I would throw it up here in case anyone would be interested. Seems like an awesome price! I'm really tempted to buy one myself even though I don't need to be spending what little money I have left on this right now.

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