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Tire and wheels for a newbie


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I recently purchased a 2008 Commando and in looking for a way to have a spare tire ran smack into the different size wheels and tire widths on the Joyner. Right now it's got a 27x9-12's on 12x6 4-2,4 wheels in the front and 27x11-12's on 12x8 4-2,6 wheels at the rear. These are original tires although they are listed as 25 inchers in the parts manual. I originally thought that if I bought a pair of 27 or 26x10's I could eventually work myself into 10" wide tires all around. Problem is that I've only got somewhere around ½-5/8" between the tire and the drag link ball on the front. It occurs to me that I could use spacers to set the front wheels out further. Also a lot of wheels are sold in a 7" width 2,5 or 3,4. Any of you have a recommendation as to how to approach this issue? It seems silly to have to buy two spares (wheels and tires) because of the different size. Of course the smaller front tire could be used on the rear for recovery purposes.

I run almost exclusively in rocky ground but do not race or operate in the extreme. Any suggestions about what wheels and tires to go to? I still have some life in the old ones but the lugs are beginning wearing down and I have developed a couple of slow leaks.


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I too have one spare for my Trooper. As you as posted, I carry a front rim mounted spare and will move one of my larger tire & rim to the rear should I have a flat in the rear. My choice was more about wieght & room. I wanted to minimize both.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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