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2013 Jamboree, Where Next?


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We have been in Las Vegas, NV., Farmington, NM, Hanksville, UT & now Niland, CA.

Never too early to start throwing out ideas. One concern is fuel which is cheapest in EARLY SPRING or LATE FALL.

I will start with a few,

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, UT & North Rim, AZ

Moab, UT

My House in Southern AZ south of Tucson

Rocky Point, SON, MX (Arizona's Beach, Just 1 1/2 hrs across the border and YES it is safe)

Just brainstorming at this point.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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Your talking about Sand Lake. Got balled out there once when I was a kid and dug a trench in one of the commercial dune ride trails just over a crest so they couldn't see it. About threw some riders out but didn't. Of coarse,being a kid, I stayed and watched and it didn't take them long to see me peaking my head up from the side.


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