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Trooper Fuel system parts

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The Troopers almost added another rider to the list of the stranded as I nearly fell victim to the less-than-reliable fuel pump. While out with the T2 yesterday I heard a funny whining, stuttering, noise. I was having so much fun, I was tempted not to check it (lets be honest....."hear no evil, see no evil" worked as a kid, right?) But grown up mentality got the better of me and I stopped to check it out, only to find my fuel hose jumping around as the output of the fuel pump surged. Thankfully I made it back to the trailer, but not without it dying a couple times on me while I was trying to climb my way out.

I know there is a pinned thread for parts, maybe one of the admin would want to add the following info to that list. Since I was hoping to ride this weekend I really did not like the idea of having to wait for a fuel pump to be shipped to me, so I headed to Autozone. Found the following, so I thought I would share.

Fuel Pump:

Brand - Airtex

Supplier - Autozone

Warrenty - 1yr

P/N - E2000

Application: (option for) 1988 Ford F-150, 5.0Lt, FI, 8cyl.

Price - $85


Airtex E2000 / Bosh 0 580 254 910

Maximum Free Flow Rate (gph): 40

Maximum Pressure Range (psi): 95

Minimum Free Flow Rate (gph): 30 / 130 LPH (34 GPH)

Minimum Pressure Range (psi): 70 / 5 BAR (72.5 PSI)

NOTES: Outlet size matches, no adaption required. Inlet size of pump is 5/16" and needs to be addapted to the larger suction hose, or replace the suction hose. I used a 5/16" to 1/2" brass hose barbed fitting and a short piece of Fuel hose. I know there maybe some concern with the idea of making the supply/suction hose smaller, but IMO, if the MFG of the pump designed and supplied it with a connection fitting of 5/16" given their flow requirements for the pump, I think it is a safe bet to use 5/16" Not to mention the supply from the tank is 5/16", and connections through filter are the same. the only place the size changes is from outlet of the filter to inlet of Bosh pump.

While at it I replaced the fuel filter (only made sense). I know there was some talk in previous posts about the filter having different size hoses connected to each side. I assumed the filter had different sized inlet/outlet but found that the larger outlet hose actually has an adapter inside it which necks it down to fit correctly on a 5/16" hose barb. The OE filter had same size inlet/outlet connections. Replaced with universal filter from Autozone.

Brand: Duralast

P/N: FF5/16DL

Application: Universal

Notes: filter physically smaller in size, but have had No issues with flow restrictions. Inlet/outlet sizes match OE hoses. As a bonus it is clear housing so it gives you a nice visual of whats happening there.

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