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Oil Fill/Check on early 90's Mule 1000

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I can't seem to locate the oil level add/check/fill on our old KAF450, Mule 1000. I see the oil filter on the drivers' side, but no fill tube/cap. Perhaps I need to pull some other covers off first, but if you know where it is please point me in the right direction.

I have ordered a shop manual, but hoping someone can help with this a bit quicker!


**btw, how do I determine the year of this vehicle? Don't see a tag/plate mounted anywhere obvious.

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ive always just run the same as my atv which is 10w-30 im not really sure what it calls for though. you are welcome for the help im having an issue with mine at the moment i dont have any power whatsoever and i can only get 10 mph out of it but man these are good old machines when they run right

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While we have had our Mule 20 years, it only has 900 miles on it, and has been used pretty lightly. Other than having one of the intake boots work loose, it has always worked well (other than replacing the battery every few years).

I just brought it out of storage to enjoy with my 6 & 7-year old kids, so we have been cleaning it up and restoring it a bit. I have a vinyl cutter, so I've been making fresh Kawasaki and Mule logos. Enjoying it once again!

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