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Seriously thinking of joining the family

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Looking to get into a UTV, having said that I have been doing some research on the trooper. Have many questions already answered, but need the reassurance. I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for, but you can buy a lemon every day of the week.....from anyone. The looks of the trooper are eye catching, the motor sounds like it has potential. The lockers don't sound very good nor does the diff's. Are these a capable 4X4 or do they belong in the desert with the buggy's. Is the manual tranny worth it, or do you wish you had a low gear in the transfer case for bigger rubber. I am not into going 100 miles an hour. How nimble are they in the bush? I like my hunting in the great white north.....as in Canada:)

This is what i am thinking of.

T2 trooper, new cam grind for torque, tuner, 31" silver backs, clutch upgrade.... to start with.

My knowledge of mechanics is moderate and I do enjoy my garage. So I am not worried about have to maintain this machine as all of them need TLC.

Would like honest answers and no salesman crap. :) Let me know what you all think.

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They are a good buggy but they need help with a few things I use mine in Canada like a swamp donkey drive the hell out of it you will be surprised what they go threw I run 30 inch XXl and don't think I would go any bigger for mud I would do diff upgrade no matter what year it is it will be better the lockers are good but need to be adjusted properly all wiring and fues need dielectric grease and move rad up on the bed or it will heat snorkel it for a start make sure the safety stuff was dune then read all posts they are easy to work on if you don't mind doing it and the super atv power steering is a must

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Guest Lenny

Ther lockers and the diffs are fine provided they are set up correctly. That requires upgrading them. I run 121 HP thru my diffs and so far have not had any issues. I even once was burried about 12 inches in the sand, at a sand dune with 16x15 rear and 13x15 front paddle tires. The 16 and the 13 are the width of the tires in inches and the tires are 33" tall. I had to rev the engine to about 3500 rpms, in order to get the wheels to spin. I was in low gear and with both diffs locked. That is an awful lot of stress but the strain was't enough to brake the diff or the lockers. When set up they seem to be pretty darn strong. However you are right in that there are things that need to be addressed but the Trooper will for the most part out preform the competition except for maybe the wildcat. With the work i have done to mine, I'm fairly confident that I can beat one fairly easily but I have a substantial amount of mods on mine. I wouldn't trade it for a new Wildcat, maybe two of them and then the mod work would start all over again.


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Mine still stock with the diff up grade and I run General Grabber AT2 27x8.50 R14 95Q 6PR OWL $90.10 http://ssl.delti.com.../GRABBERAT2.jpg and do mostly mountain trails, it handles nicely in the bush and the trails and the hills and the sand, very capable machine,IMHO # 1, snorkel & really good air filter - save the engine, #2 diff upgrade, #3 power steering #4 tires, your choice. #5 gas & go have fun!!!

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That is the info that I am looking for, thanks! Is there a big difference in years with these machines (one to stay away from, other than the 1st 50)? There is an '09 close by with low km's that i would like to have a look at. Wondering if there is anything i should keep an eye out for with the safety concerns everybody has with these machines? Is there much out there for suspension uprgades, or are you guy's fabbing up most things? How are the cab enclosures built for these machines with the glass up front?

Sorry for all the questions, but my search is limited and i have gone through the first 10pages already trying to dig up info. Thanks for all your input, i appreciate it!

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Not sure where you are located, but I have a 2009 Trooper T2 for sale. I have attached some pics from my gallary under wyofun. Just throwing it out there. I am selling because i have not found the time to enjoy. I put 200 miles on it and it has 650 miles on it now.

It has been a fun great machine and definately turns heads.






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