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Weber Carbs on VWs

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My sandrail has a 1915cc VW with dual two port Webers. The trip to Coral Pink Sand Dunes, over 6,000 feet, brought foreward a bit of a problem to the the uneducation (ME). JETTING!!!! The normal jetting can be used from sea level to 3,000 feet. Above 3,000 feet the jetting has to change one size for each 1,000 feet. So I would have had to used jetting 3 steps smaller than what I had. Thus the power & idle was Cr*p!


rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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Had to start her yesterday. She runs great at 3,300 feet. We had a HUGE rain storm and the rail was left outside with a cover as I am out of garage space untill something is sold. Anyone want to buy a INEX Legends racecar or a 1973 DeTomaso Pantera? Went outside and she was WET. Pulled the cover so the rail could dry and started the engine, everything was fine. Left it uncovered last night to dry further but will put a cover back on today Next time it is going to rain, I will throw a tarp on also. Hopefully I will have garage space before that happens. I am going to put the Legends on Ebay and the Pantera on the Pantera forum. Siriusly if interested contact me, Legends is very reasonable (have owned for about 5 years). Pantera is pricey, more details only if siriusly interested ( have owned for 17 years).

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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