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emergency brake master cylinder


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I have been browsing the internet looking for a master cylinder for the emergency brake and haven't found a good replacement yet, does any one have a good suggestion of what to replace it with?

It has it's mounting bolts on a 60mm center and a bore of .549" or 14mm, but I think a little larger bore would work very well. I called Beck/Arnley and others and they are all geared for year, make and model information and can't or won't help at all when you say it has a 60mm bolt patter with a 14mm bore. Any one know what the bech/arnley 072-9544 has for a bolt pattern?



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Met up with 2Scoops while he was travelling to Moab yesterday and got his master cylinder and went home and put it on, Left brake caliper refused to engage, so I took it off and took it all apart and scrubbed the piston and the bore with Scotch Brite pad and pulled the square o-rings out and pulled some shreds off and put it all back together and it's working great now. Seems like when the problem started, the brake was stuck on and got it hot, there was some gum or something holding the piston from operating. To get the piston out, I blew air into the brake line connection and it popped right out. Also disassembled and cleaned the caliper holder and lubricated it.

Now that I have the emergency brake working again, I'm going to Moab also. Any one else coming to Moab? 2Scoops is at the KOA, I may be there or out past in flats some where.

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