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Another T2 Idle Problem


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Hey guys got my Buggie on the road or dirt or what have you LOL WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo !!!!!!! Or all the above. Question for you guys. If you just unplug the IAC will the engine care? And what about the computer? I will search it out just figured maybe someone has already done this....

Thanks Lenny for the Rear End Kit !!!!!!!

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Guest Lenny

Your welcome bigdan120 and thanks. Yes you can unplug the IAC and set your idle with the idle set screw on the throttle body. In cold weather, you might have to hold the throttle down a bit to get it to stay running at start. You can not unplug the computer.


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No I know you can't unplug the computer LOL Wasn't sure if the computer would have issues with it or not. Someone tore one apart on here before ..Was it you Lenny? It started fine ran normal idle then when we came back from a short test I shut it off to fill up the low tire that I forgot about LOL Excited to get ur going you know! Then restarted it and it went to a high idle... with alittle bit of surging while moving with no throttle.

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Hey Thanks! My son wanted to take it out today and he asked about the Idle ...He has a short fuse so he slammed the peddal to the floor a couple times and now its fine....LOL..........Sometimes you just need a heavy foot .........Ok next mission....The reverse light switch is not working...For sure the switch. I'm guessing VW correct? Im gonna stop by the local NAPA or the foreign auto to match one up....I will let you know if I find out.....

Well Lenny I was on the right track.......Thanks again......We gonna have to stay in touch.....Did anyone on here make kool half doors yet ? Like out of tubing and have pics...Doing some designing right now..

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On my rig, the idle goes away periodically and the cure is to turn it off and let the computer reset, not sure what is causing it do this. What happens is every time I let it idle down, it idles down so far it dies or is so slow, I can tell it's even running.

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