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OR Ouray, CO.


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Weather would be much cooler. Here is some inof, http://www.jeep-cj.com/forums/f100/2nd-annual-colorado-jeep-cj-com-trail-ride-12496/index5.html Look at page 5 with the date 06-03-2012 posted by BusaDavey9 of the Itinerary. I am sure we could find these trails. We will arrive afternoon of Aug. 13th, play Aug. 14-16 (3 days) & head home Aug. 17th. Only hang-up is completing the Jeep. Anyone interested? What ya think?

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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We have decide to go to Ouray, CO. We will be staying at Ridgway State Park CO. We have made reservations. PM me if you wish more details. We will do a couple of easier/moderate trails and play tourist a couple of days. Full hookups, cool weather and NO DUST! Campground has spaces avail for now. http://www.parks.state.co.us/Parks/Ridgway/Pages/RidgwayStateParkHome.aspx There is a park in Ouray but it is first come first service without hookups, http://www.reserveamerica.com/camping/Amphitheater/r/campgroundFees.do?contractCode=NRSO&parkId=70572

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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Wow, This sounds like a blast!

Taking Jeeps or UTVs?

I don't know if I can make it that week.

Hey, Wait a minute! I've been there!

I can give you some advice to plan this trip. These trails are easy to find. From Ouray go 3.5 miles south. Lower Engineer Pass trail starts here on the left. This trail is rough but not too hard.

I was there just 2 days ago. Check out this link for more info: http://www.jeep-cj.c...colorado-14887/

If you want to go on BlackBear Pass you still take highway 550 south of Ouray 13 miles. Here you will get to Red Mountain Pass. This is the 9th highest paved mountain pass in the US but you have only started your climb. At the pass there is a parking area on the right (when coming from Ouray) This is the begining of BlackBear Pass trail. If you take an UTV be warned, this trail becomes one way at the top. If you continue you have to go to Telluride. There you need a licensed highway vehicle to continue. The best way to come back it over Imogene Pass. To get to that trail you need to go through town. For more info on this route check out this link: http://www.jeep-cj.c...ne-passes-6540/

A note at camping I would not recommend staying at Ridgway State Park. I have never camped there and I don't think it's bad but it's half an hour to Ouray and a few more miles to the good trails. I would recommend staying at Eureka. This is an old mining site north of Silverton. It used to be a town but there aren't any buildings there anymore. The reason I recommend this place to camp it it's free and better yet its right in the middle of the mountains, with trails everywhere. You can drive a truck and big camper there by way of Silverton. Check out this link for more info:http://www.jeep-cj.c...-colorado-9630/

Some of the trails close to Eureka are Eureka Gulch, Minnie Gulch and Magie Gulch. Or if you head north you will get to Animas Forks Ghost town. There are lots of ghost towns in these mountains but this one is one of the coolest. You can also get back on the highway for a few miles to go to Blackbear Pass.

It is true that some of the better known trails such as Black Bear Pass and Imogene Pass are near Ouray but there are a lot more trails near Silverton and Eureka. That's where I prefer going.

Enjoy your trip!

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BusDave9. thanks for the great info. Already have my reseravtion @ Ridgway and this trip is as much about road driving to the local towns (and staying cool) as it is driving the trails. If we can ever get a group together it sounds like we have a great boondocking location. I'm not a fan of boondocking by myself as it leaves the equipment alone too long. Stuff happens when you are away. My plan is to do a couple of days of the easier trails as this trip will be the first for the Jeep. Want to make sure all the bugs are worked out before I get to aggressive as I have changed everything, steering, brakes, suspension & more. Thanks again!

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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My plan is to do a couple of days of the easier trails as this trip will be the first for the Jeep. Want to make sure all the bugs are worked out before I get to aggressive

In that case you will want to avoid Lower Engineer Pass and Blackbear. Those trails can be rough on a Jeep.

Instead check out Last dollar road. From Ridgeway take highway 62 about 12 miles west of town. Turn left on Last Dollar Road. It's called County road 58p. This is a mild road. At first it is not very interesting but the southern half is very beautiful. There are a couple of intersections bur you always want to stay on Last Dollar Road even though the county road numbers change. Yes I know it's confusing. You start off on 58P then turn left onto Cty Rd 638 and then left again on T60. Write down these road numbers and you might want to get a map.

Here's some pictures I took on the southern half of Last Dollar Road:




I think that may be the type of trail you are looking for. It is mild but very beautiful.

Here's a video someone shot of Last Dollar Road:

The road drops you off just outside of Telluride.

South of Telluride is another road you may want to check out. Go south of Telluride on highway 145 for several miles. There is a sign to Alta Lakes. Turn left there. Alta Lakes is a mining ghost town. If you continue you can get to the Alta Lakes that the town was named after. This road is mild until you get right up to the lakes. There it's rough and rutted.

Here is the old boarding house at Alta Lakes Ghost town.


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