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Kawasaki KAF300-C

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Hello to all,,,I acquired two 1999 Mules that according to an online decoder, are KAF300-C. These would be pretty much parts vehicles for somebody else, but always wanted one of these so here I am. Only one of the Mules had an engine but it had a hole in the side of the block, and the other one did not have a rear end,,,,!!!! Did I say parts vehicles,,,??

Anyway,, being an adventuresome fellow (as in cheap) I decided to give her a try. A friend had a good Honda (gasp)450 engine so there was my answer to the engine problem. I built a new extended rear frame section and built new motor mounts and bolted the 450 in the frame. It looks like it is at home. I made a new wiring harness for the Honda engine and put a spark in it and runs good,,!!! The Honda uses an old style wafer type rectifyer that must be bad as it does not charge as much as I want it to. I am going to address that by installing a 80 amp car alternator that will be belt driven off the jack shaft system.

Since neither of the mules had a complete belt drive system, I decided to use a primary and secondary clutch system from a Polaris ATV that I had left over from another project. This is begining to sound like Dolly Parton's " Coat of many colors" huh? You gotta do,,, what you gotta do,,,,,,,

After that long winded disatation,,,here is what I need from somebody that has had to remove the secondary clutch from his early Mule.

Does anybody know what size the long bolt that holds the secondary clutch on the rear end shaft????? I think it must be left hand thread as I have tried every size around and nothing unless the threads are buggered up inside,,,,,,The primary clutch on the engine had a left hand thread on it but it will not start on the rear end shaft,,,,???? Can anybody help??????????? THANKS

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