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max speed on engaged differential?

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Hello everyone,

I just noticed a sticker on the trooper dashboard "do not go over 20 mph with differentials engaged"

I have been riding around with rear locked at max speed half of time and some times i spin all 4 locked up in soupy mud at high speed.

My question is

Have you been going over 20 mph with differentials engaged?

Did you have any trouble from doing that?

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I'd say with just the rear diff locked ur Allset I wouldn't drive 40 all locked up to much strain in my opinion I almost always have the rear locked


I totally agree with you about rear locked being all what we need for 95% of time.

I drive with my rear locked at 65 mph all the time so i wonder anyone else doing the same thing?

I'd have to say I'm brutal on lockers but i only engage and disengage at full stop.

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Guest Lenny

I keep my rear locked almost all of the time to. I've run it wide open that way at times. Probably not a good idea on asphault though. I'' disengage it there.


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