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Does anyone have any info on our clutch's ?

I got one off of Silver Bullet and it's fine..But I tried pulling someone out yesterday in second locked and it slipped the clutch.... Is there a cheaper alternative then 400.00 clutch...Is there an aftermarket that will directly bolt in ours? I found this info think it might be ours but not sure..

Suzuki Alto Works

HA21S · HB21S

turbo car

1994 to 1998





Exedy No >SZC540U



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I tried towing Lenny once and everything went bad, sort of, I ended up dumping the clutch with a full rev and all that happened is the clutch slipped, thinking back on that, is that such a bad thing as it probably saved me from other problems. I agree that if the clutch is engaged and I floor it and it starts slipping, that's a weak clutch and it shouldn't happen, but if you let the clutch out while maintaining high revs, and it slips, is that a problem or is it in the design?

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It's easy to have the clutch adjusted so it doesn't fully engage. It will hold pretty good but slip under higher power conditions. The clutch should start engaging when the pedal is about 3" off the floor and start disengaging when the pedal is pressed about 4" from the top. In other words, the pinin the clutch arm comming out ot lthe transmission should be loose when the clutch is fully engaged and stay loose for some pedal down travel. The clutch slave cylindr bracket flexes a lot and makes clean adjustment harder to accomplish. Kinarfi and I both have reinforced out brackets to eliminate flexing.


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