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HELP-Trooper T4 won't start


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OK. I have read most of the posts on here concerning this issue and have tried about everything. Checked:

  1. Fuel Delivery-Has full fuel tank, fuel pump fine, good pressure, fuel at injectors good
  2. Spark-Good spark at all 4 spark plugs
  3. Sensors-Disconnected blew out all connections, tried starting by disconnecting IAC, Oygen Sensors,
  4. Fuses-All fuses are good

Any ideas? It is getting fuel and spark should fire. Lacking air in the cylinder? Something stuck shut? Earlier it was starting hard then ran fine once warmed up. Occasionally would surge at idle to about 3000 RPM, I shut off and would reset and idle fine. Adjusted idle with idle screw to 900 RPM and ran fine just hard starting when cold. Starter fluid does nothing.

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I would check timing just for the heck of it...Mine was off 4 teeth when I got it...Wouldn't start correctly and had to have pedal half way to keep it running...Also wouldn't rev.

Belt was fine must of slipped by either them maybe trying to pull start it or just got wet....Who know's good now though.

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Compression good. Disconnected the IAC and tapped on the throttle body, injected starting fluid and floored it while starting. Took a bit but started and once warm runs fine. Starts fine warm as well. I think the timing might be the issue. I will search this site for timing check and adjustment info or if somebody has a link please post. Thanks a bunch. Steve

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OK, I will check compression again cranking it 5 plus, don't remember how many cranks I did. I put a snorkel on up and out of the dust, but the same filter. Bigger filter? Not enough air? Have a feeling I need a rebuild. Suggestions as to who to send to? Where to get rebuild kit? Thanks.

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Not 140-150. They were 75, 125, 90, 90.


Those are ugly number, about same as I had before I re ringed my motor, I did do a valve job at the same time which may not have been needed. PM me if you'd like to talk.

If you coast down a hill or are towed by another vehicle, will it start and run fine until the engine cools off? That's how mine acted. but it would not start via the starter.

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