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Eastern jamboree????


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Ok guys us eastern riders need to get together. I ride with a guy with an rzr two custom golf carts and lots of quads. I'd like to meet and see some other Joyner people and buggies! I went to north strafford nh a few weeks ago with a large group and it was great 120 miles of trails and the views were great! We are planning on a trip next yr to jericho state park nh . It will be toward the end of June they have a big mud run there and obstacle course. The festival is two days my group is going to do atleast 3 nights 4 days. From my house in ply ma it's 5 hrs there's no camp grounds at the park but there is all over town! Here's the good part you have to register with nh 38 for a mounth pass but once u are registered you can drive your Joyner quad or whatever right threw town meaning Dunkin doughnuts gas pizza or whatever!

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not sure if anyone will be into this but heres some more info. Jericho fest is july 27-28 its a friday and sat in Berlin Nh there is 375 acres and lots of trails wits a utv and quad fest with competions and just general riding. I dont think there is a a fee for watching but there is for competing. You have to reg in the state of NH mounth pass is 38$ or a yr is 75$, need vin # color make model cc of vehicle there is plenty of campgrounds and a few hotels close by once you are regiestered with NH you can drive you vehicle threw town gas sations resturants and so on. Cederpond campground looks the best so far and the price is resonable. I am planning on going up the 25 that eveing or early on the 26th wich is a thurs and then leaving that sunday or monday

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