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New stereo systems for RZR 800's and 900 Single Seaters


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We are a 30 year old American manufacturing company with our primary interests in the Toy and Hobby industry.

Last year we entered the UTV market manufacturing a overhead stereo sound system for RZR 800's and 900's. We are now in full production selling direct to the end user at great prices.

If you would like some infomation email us at: [email protected] and we will provider you the details.

Doesn't matter what kind of roof you have or if you have one at all, the unit is designed to suspend from (6) mount points and tucks neatly inside the rool cage.

All mounting hardware is included from base Do-It-Yourself models to Fully loaded Systems.

The quality is fantastic and they are made and assembled in the USA.

Prices between - $99.00 - $349.95

Thank you,

Tony C.


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We have a website up and running where you can see and get more information on our Performance Radio Systems for RZR 800 - 900 2-seaters.

Please go to: www.utvatvstuff.com

The new ABS systems are selling very well and come complete with a matched radio/speaker package that sounds great! The units fit perfect up into the factory stock roll bars and does not interfere with your head room. You can find them on ebay or purchase them direct from us for- $279.95 + 24.00 shipping.

We have geared up for the holiday season, but we will probably sell-out prior to Christmas, so act fast if you want one under the tree.

The new rear speaker pod is designed to fit up into the roll cage above your head at the rear of the cage. Two 6.5" marine grade speakers are installed to offer a (4) speaker system if using our Console, or it can be used for your own personal radio installation. These will be available 11/30/12 and sell for- $129.95 with speakers, or $79.95 without speakers.

Free Radio-Condom Water-Proof radio cover included with each purchase from this forum.

For more information you can call us toll free at: 800 444-1995 M-F 9:30 - 5:30 Est.

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Just back to let you guys know that our Stereo Consoles for the Polaris RZR's have become a hot item. We are now manufacturing them in 1/8" ABS plastic with raised grain black finish. They can be purchased with or without radio and speakers, and we are offering many options for radios, and or speakers.

We have a perfect sales record on ebay where you can read all of the consumer purchases since we brought the unit to market. I have heard many times that they can not believe the sound and design of a completed unit for as much as 1/2 the price of other units on the market.

We are working closely with both a radio and speaker manufacture and are able to install a 200 watt fully digital media AM/ FM stereo head to a set of true dual coaxial poly coned 80 watt speakers, a great combination that sound great! The complete system sells for under $300.00.

It will fit, Polaris RZR's - 570, 800, and 900 dual set units.

You can visit our site at: www.utvatvstuff.com or call toll free in the USA at- 800 444-1995 for more information or to place an order. Each complete radio system will receive one of our coolest innovations, called "The Radio Condom" a $20.00 value.

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