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Odes utv

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Ok guys I have a trooper u know that! What I wanna know has any one seen or driven an odes 800 dominator or any odes utv for that matter??? I have done some research seems like the are a mutt of parts from other manufactures ! Reason being is that I have a friend that is considering buying one and I'm just trying to help! Thanx everyone happy holidays

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Sorry, can't help with info on the dominator. Never heard of it before, but it looks pretty cool. Have you guys looked at the Renlli RL800 or RL1100? Those are cool looking machines, specs sound a lot like our Joyners (5 speed manual, 2x4 or 4x4, locking front and rear diffs , etc). And did I mention they are pretty cool looking. Just don't know what kind of support there is for either of those. I like our Joyners and the support community we create for them, you'd have to have something similar with either of these to make longer term ownership manageable I bet.

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Yes I do know of the renlii they are pretty much outta business from what I have heard. The chassis is mass produced and if u go to Jmc website they offer a vehicle very similar to it. I know this from talking to Casey and another guy there last I heard it was waiting approval it's in the 10,000 range they basically got rid of all the bad Joyner stuff kept the good stuff and came up with this new buggy suppose to be awsome

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