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Tons of Trooper Parts For Sale!!!


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Hey guys and gals! sorry i have not been on much, we have had a lot going on... things have slowed up for the time so i figured i would put this out there! As you most know i have been doing a motor swap in one of my troopers so i have a ton of parts for sale as well as a lot of other parts that have collected up around here... here is a list of just some of the parts i have, if you dont see what you need give me a call/text/email and ask. you never know i might have it!


1: Complete motor (Chery 1100 c.c.) 120 lbs comp in 3 cyl. 80 lbs in 1...

2: Complete GOOD trans with cevlar clutch

3: i have one good Front diff. i also have a front and rear that Lenny shimmed if the price is right!

4: 2 ECM's (Good)

5: 2 wire harnesses 1 complete 1 missing a few plugs. (these are engine harnesses)

6: 2 Fuel Pumps

7: 2 radiators

8: 8 Brake Calipers

9: we have a ton of smalls i.e. fuse panels, switch panels, o2 sensors etc. (too much to list)

all parts ar OBO so give me a shout and we will go from there!

Josh West


Email: [email protected] (goes to my cell phone)

thanks !!!!

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not much to take pics of as yet but i promise as it gets further along you will see plenty of pics! we are trying (key word TRYING...) to use the GM 3800 Supercharged V6 out of a buick Riviera... its a tight fit but it looks like we can make it work.. at this point we are still hunting some small parts though.. we are hoping to start the install in the next few weeks!


No Limitz

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That's exciting !!!! Be nice if we could do more with out gear ratios wish my fab skill were more up to date ??? I'd like to lower my rollcage and try do something about power your turbo kit is sik but it's pricy for me now! My concern with the turbo and blow of is what happens in the mud or in snow or dusty conditions??? And I was also thinking what about wen ur on the rocks turbo is lagging and the all sudden boosts ?? I wrk on subarus so I get how turbo Wrx but not all up today's on the making power with it! I mean u would still have same gearing do basically u would just get from 0-50 lot faster but still run out on the rpm

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honestly the blow off valve can be filtered but because it releasing extreme amounts of air nothing is going to be sucked in at all that and its only open for a split second... and when on the rocks, there is just next to no turbo lag what so ever.. and the boost comes in very smooth.. its not violent at all. as for gearing, thats why we are playing with the diffs the trooper has a factory 2.13 gear and i think it would do A LOT better with a 3.55 or 3.73, yes you will lose top end speed but down here its all about the mud in which case we dont see speeds over 25 mph very often..


No Limitz

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i was gonna say the same thing!!! i know where we ride the jeeps dont stand a chance at following me! matter of fact i have gotten to be known as the jeep recovery guy! lol!

by the way what kind of tires are you guys running for mud??? i was running 29.5 Outlaws but now am on 30" Black Mamba's...


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not much to take pics of as yet but i promise as it gets further along you will see plenty of pics! we are trying (key word TRYING...) to use the GM 3800 Supercharged V6 out of a buick Riviera... its a tight fit but it looks like we can make it work.. at this point we are still hunting some small parts though.. we are hoping to start the install in the next few weeks!


No Limitz

Sounds great! Haha more torque ill be watching and probably doing the same since i have few of those engines sitting around here

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      Thanks in advance.


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