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Heading out with the Jeep in Tow!!!

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It's TIME!!! The '70 Jeep is totally road ready. Headed out next week with the Jeep in Tow behind the Motorhome for the AZ high country. This is the first of two summer trips to test the readiness of the Jeep for this winter's trip to Mexico. I took the Jeep out on its first long off-road drive Sunday and everything went well. The return leg of the Sunday drive was on the freeway cruising along at 60 mph. Very very pleased. I was also lucky enough to purchase a fiberglass hardtop last week for future install. For this trip, she will only have a bikini top but better than nothing. Future holds a hardtop with AC (Air Conditioning). I had the radiator rebuilt last week and I installed a new master cylinder. Sure was sorry I missed my ever Jamboree this last spring but as you can see the Jeep wasn't ready. Next Year!!!

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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This one has the frame & engine (orginal 225 cu in ) that will be in the final Jeep. By this winter that will be the only parts that are left of the Jeep going on this trip. I even have another tub/body that I am currently restoring. Pics, I will go take a pic of the Jeep now. Will take pics of the trip and will upload when I have service strong enough at one of the parks. Check my Gallery!

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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