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Ride Update


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Well it has been a while since I had a good ride.

I was at my father n laws in Ojos Negro Baja Mexico. I took the kids on a tour of about 150 miles of the Baja 500 course. We had a blast and the trooper performed awesome.

I had some recent problems and replaced the drive shaft and some tranny parts along with some clutch parts and figured while I had the motor and tranny out I would replace the skid plate with heavy duty aluminum which is needed for where I ride in the baja with all the rocks.


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During the last few weeks I also got to take the T4 to Jacume in Baja Califonia for pre running the CODE race. Again great results also added an Intercomm system which really made things more fun since we could chat the entire time, plus listen to music also.

Looking to do a few more things now finally going to add fender well extenders since I have the bigger tires I ate a lot of dust and small rocks in Jacume.

Amber light is operational for the pre running.

Replacing side mirrors and adding a 17" rear view mirror.

Still need to do shocks.

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Recently learned lesson: buy your shocks slightly longer than needed and put limit straps on to hold them back to proper length, If you haven't done anything to your shock yet, you have probably heard the nasty little clunk as the the shock top out, I had to give up some travel to add limit straps to mine, but it got rid of the clunk, for the most part. Went for a ride last yesterday where I usually have lots of clunky and had very little, also made for a smoother ride.


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