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r2 dont like to start

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Hi this my first post here.. I've got a 2009 joyner renegade that after it sits for an hour or two it takes forever ( like 10-20 min of cranking with full throttle)to start but once it starts it runs fine until you let it sit I've checked fuel and fuel pressure, spark and spark plugs I'm thinking it must be some kind of sensor I'm hoping someone on here can help.. thanks

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Guest Lenny

In start mode, it doesn't get any gas at full throttle. Full throttle is for flood clearing when starting. Do a compression test. Pull your injector rail with the injectors and disconnect the ignition coil. Point the injectors into the air and crank it to see if all the injectors look like they are spraying ok. Do it quickly. Be careful, this is a great way to start a fire. Remember your misting an easily ignitable gas mixture into the air. I would do this outside and have a fire extinguisher handy. It not too bad, I've done it several times but be careful. There is a fuel replacement that is available for this test which won't ignite. Its probably not a sensor.

Potential issues I would address first; Weak spark, Not getting fuel, Low compression


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In my experience and from people I've talked to, low compression will cause the engine not to start by starter, if you push it or coast down a hill and get it to turn over faster, it will start and run great, even restart with no problem, until you let it cool off for a few hours, then it won't start again. Like Lenny said, check your compression!

How many miles do you have on it and have you changed your air filter over to a trusted brand, my 08 air filter passed a lot of fine dust, another fix is to put a snorkel on it so you it gets fresh clean air to breath.

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DId you ever find a fix to your issue below?

I have the same issue, and the dealer that I purchased the Joyner is also unable to get it to crank. They were recommending that we replace the Power controller because the spark plugs weren't getting enough juice, but after doing so with another client with a similar issue, this didn't fix the issue either.

Any thoughts on the below would be most appreciated as everyone seems to be at a loss of the issue here.

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