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Hey guys, I have 2006 650 Commando, Need to rebuild the carb, does anyone know of a kit for them. I read somewhere in a thread a few months back about what carb fit the 650 from a car- geo maybe.

I have not used the 650 since last January on a hunt and now the carb is plugged up. I'm sure I can clean it but once I takle it apart the seals/gasket will probally be toast. Any help would be appreciated.

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I ended up buying a new carb from Silver Bullet. For thos e interested I had a co worker translate the box it came in and did alittle research and appears the model number is #CSP30, fits Suzuki / cars with a 462Q engine. Was unable to research which actual cars this motor is in. If anyone is bored and wants to add to this I would like to know in case I need a carb kit later on or jets.

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