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rack and pinion


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Is that going to put the shortened tie rod on too much of an angle when the suspension is all the way up or down while turned to max to the left or right? You might also want to check that the ball joints at the other end of the tie rods aren't binding when suspension is at tis extents and your fully turned. When I re-did my steering, I dropped the shock so I could easily check for these potential problems. I ended up having to twist the arm at the wheel end so things didn't bind. Also if you have more right and left travel in your new steering box ( you'll need an extra 3/4" to do what I did) you can make the Trooper turn much tighter. With mine, I could make a tight U-turn and measuring 180 degrees across from of the inside tires tracks in the dirt I was at 16 feet. Really nice in the tight trails.

I'm starting to miss mine. I had all the hard work done. Went to trail riding dirt bikes, No more just sitting there and letting the ride do all the work. I definitely have gotten in better shape.

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