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rock sliders


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Hey guys been a while since I posted anything on here hope every one is well. I am looking for opinions a lot of you ride in the rocks and desert I have custom tube sliders on the side of my trooper. I have hit them a few times and they have gotten me hung up a few times and if I am at the wrong angle sometimes they hinder my wheel travel. They stick out id say 6-7 inches and run the entire side of the trooper. what I wanna know is how many of you have them and how far out do yours stick out and is it worth it

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I did it to protect my side plastics. If I had to do it again I would pull plastic and attach aluminum and not put them on. With that said the way we did my doors they are even with the curve out that we built them with. They are the same height as the under carrage. I have to measure them later.

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Go uhmw. If I ever get around to it I am going to take mine to a local plastics company & have them form fit some Uhmw to the rocker panels in their oven, but I haven't really needed to yet. Yes the are scratched and have a few cracks, but nothing I can't deal with so far.

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