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New Guy with video

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    • By Muddysideup
      Need some help! 2010 Big Red 700 has a flashing check engine light. Flashes once about every 5 seconds at idle and stays on when RPMs are raised. Any ideas?
    • By utvwolfpack
      This is a video on how to install radius rods on a 2014 - 2015 Polaris RZR XP1K or XP1000, led by Jason Merrell of the Rockstar/Polaris UTV Wolfpack. This How To features one of the newest parts out on our Wolfpack parts line, the Wolfpack Edition XP1K Radius Rod Kit. You can pick some up for yourself at wolfpackparts.com. We hope this video serves as a useful guide to installing Radius Rods on your Polaris RZR on your own. Thanks for the support!
      Watch How To Video Here >>>
      Twitter/Instagram @UTVWolfpack
    • By burlin1967
      Hello to all.
      Well I just got me a used trooper, (2009), and have a few questions that I haven't seen on here.
      First some info on my T2, seems pretty much stock with the exception of a new muffler with the cat removed, It has 31x10.50x15 firestone destination ATs on it, yes they do rub, so I have a new set of swamper TSL, 29x9.50x15 I'm mounting now. It's street legal here in Oklahoma with everything the state requires already on it. .Great toy that goes any where I've wanted to take it so far. Now for the questions, what kind of mileage can I expect on a tank of gas. What weight of oil does it need. What pressure do the stock shocks need to run, previous owner bled them down so now I have to find a place to get them charged. Hope to here from some trooper owners around N.E. Oklahoma. Most people I've told about it an shown it to have never herd of Joyner, they treat it like cheap junk from china until I take them for a ride an go places they cant believe it goes. Actually our ran a wildcat on the top end.
    • By soonerjeeper
      Hey guys, new to the forum and wanted to start off by showing you some of my recent work. If you like what you see and want to see more then SUBSCIRBE to my channel to see all my videos and future ones.

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