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LED Lighting and Stereo Systems

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Hey Fellow Riders,

We are Tractor Tunes Off Road Audio/ Xtreme Lighting Products!!! You've probably have seen some of our products at your local dealers we are all over the United States and Canada with a loyal backing. We manufacture roof mount stereos, quad mount stereos, dash kits and we also provide a large lighting line we call Xtreme Lighting Products.

To stay at the top of our game we have the Bluetooth stereos as a standard option for a roof mounts for no extra cost, or you can get a Pioneer CD player, both have front AUX and USB ports. Our Quad Mount Stereos have a new options of a media locker so you can play the music from your phone. All stereos even speakers are water proof so its still safe to get mudding.

Our Light Bars are Hot Sellers for sure. We have a motorized LED Spotlight, comes with a remote, 370 rotation x 135 tilt, 10 Cree LED's, water resistant, and has both permanent and portable mounting options for $249.95!!

We sell both single and double row light bars, and you have a choice of Flood, Spot or Combo for most light sizes

Our 7.5 Light bars are 36 Watts with 2640 Lumens for $109.95

Our single row 10.5 with 30 watt 2500 Lumens sell at $149.95

Looking for something bigger than that???

You'll really light up the sky with our 50 inch Double Row Cree LED Light Bar $799

Check out our website to find your local dealer or to order online at www.tractortunes.com

We have real employees behind our phone lines open Monday-Friday 7am-4pm PT













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