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Roll Cage


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Looks good. Now you will have a little extra piece of mind. The v bracing is a must if you are using the stock cage. Be sure to send us a pic when you are all done.

2scoops, Thanks yes I will be doing the v up front and a few more things. Yes that's why I done it there are some hills I don't even try because I didn't think the cage would hold up. I'll should have it done by this weekend I'll post more pictures.

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off subject but did you flip your intake and how did you do it

toddlong. No I didn't flip my intake I bought the bottom part of the intake. All SQR 472 engines comes with this intake on them except the trooper. How I like it I think it's better than the fuel controller. Just bolt it on my motor and it made my A/F gauge go up by .6. If you look at the picture it's fatter than the ones joyner has on it. Here's the part number or my be you can fine a used engine to get the part off of it. It just bolts right on. .DLJ.472-1008013



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    • By cliffyk
      I had mentioned in a previous post that I had removed the front anti-roll bar from my 2020 Outfitter 400; I ran that way for a month or so without noticing any downside however recently I installed a 'suicide knob" (see below) to assist my Parkinson's disease affected arms in turning the beast--but after doing so i found that in the quicker, tighter turns the knob permitted the vehicle would nosedive a bit, dig in, and plow  on hard surfaces--not scary, but quite noticeably.
      So I put the bar back on. Then today I got about 1-1/2 miles down the main road on the nearby power lines, turned around and came home to take it off--with the bar on, at 25 to 30 MPH, the front-end of the beast jumped like rabbit at each bump in either wheel rut., for a nearly brutal and quite uncomfortable ride. the bar (20 mm solid steel) is far too robust for the weight of the vehicle. The front bar on my 3900 lb. Infinity M37 is 30 mm...
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      I just got a HISUN Strike 1000 and am wondering if I need to update or modify my roll cage.  Anyone have any experience with HISUN roll cages and whether or not they should be updated?  I'm new to SXS's.  How do they compare to other roll cages from Can Am, Polaris, etc?
      Thank you!
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      Hey guys,

      While installing the High lifter lift kit in my 2015 Mule 4010 I nicked the piston, strut rod, the shiney rod in the middle that I cant remember the name (no coffee yet this morning). I knew the nick was deep enough to eventually tear up the seal and she'd let loose. Well 3 months or so down the road here we are, its blown out. 
      My question is how do I know which strut I have? I see 2 listed in the exploded 45023-1006 and the 45023-7503. The difference is the spring rate or K value. Seeing as I have high lifter springs does it matter the K value? And if that's the case can I use any of the 45023 prefix struts from various other models? 

      Thanks all,
    • DIY like a pro! Shop from over 1,000,000 Repair Manuals at eManualOnline.com! As low as $14.99 per manual. Shop now.
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      just an update on my MSU 500 . For all the misery it caused me the first 2 yrs, and the combination of some quality YAMAHA parts, it has now become a reliable ,useful UTV without the constant fear of having to push or tow it back from trails. I have not had a single issue pop up in a very long time.. FINALLY!....and as a side note, I just bought  a C FORCE 600 ATV to replace an old and well used  Honda that finally after 18 yrs gave up a rod bearing.  So far the new one has really impressed me .. I like the new Power Steering and  this CVT Auto Trans is new to me on an ATV .. I m used to constant shifting on my Hondas .  It also has something I have never seen. Its EBS  engine brake system, as soon as you let go of throttle, it engine brakes you to a stop rather quickly.. its great idea for the grandkids safety . Takes a little getting used to tho.. All in all, I like it. We shall see how durable it is after break-in.. I do "RIDE" them! .....and they honor their warrenty! and the dealer is 15 minutes away.. 
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