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Roll Cage


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Looks good. Now you will have a little extra piece of mind. The v bracing is a must if you are using the stock cage. Be sure to send us a pic when you are all done.

2scoops, Thanks yes I will be doing the v up front and a few more things. Yes that's why I done it there are some hills I don't even try because I didn't think the cage would hold up. I'll should have it done by this weekend I'll post more pictures.

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off subject but did you flip your intake and how did you do it

toddlong. No I didn't flip my intake I bought the bottom part of the intake. All SQR 472 engines comes with this intake on them except the trooper. How I like it I think it's better than the fuel controller. Just bolt it on my motor and it made my A/F gauge go up by .6. If you look at the picture it's fatter than the ones joyner has on it. Here's the part number or my be you can fine a used engine to get the part off of it. It just bolts right on. .DLJ.472-1008013



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