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Hello. Thanks for the add I've been look at the conversations for a long time and all have been really helpful. I've got a joyner trooper that I've done some work to I put some 32" silverbacks on. Building some steel fenders moved the radiators to the top behind the seats. Adding a oil cooler with fan, custom lights. I've had to replace the front end, rear end, out put shaft on the transmission. Cam oil seal. Added a muffler. Love the joyner.

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No and yes. My driver side clears with maybe 3/4" but the passenger side rubs. Last winter I was out on a frozen creek and broke through the ice at the bank slammed in to the frozen bank at 20mph and bent the from A Arm and supports and frame on the right side It took a lot of heat and lots of work to get it pulled back out but she's still a little twisted.

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