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Hello. Just another newbie!


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Hi, they call me Big'n and I just joined this site. I have an '08 Trooper and I ride here in Eastern K and Southwestern WV. I was just wondering why I never see a Joyner at these off road places going up those nasty trails that I see the razors on? I know we get better traction cause we're heavier and have a better 4 wheel drive system. I have been told the Joyner wont hold up, that may be true because I haven't had mine long enough to know. I bought it used and have already had to replace 3 axle shafts, all 4 wheel bearings, all 4 ball joints, all steering components including the steering box. I am now having a problem with my front drive line and my winch, lights and 4x4 switch have quit. I sure hope I get everything lined out and have no more problems! Their is some wonderful country around here that I hope to explore.

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wow sorry to hear that sounds like who ever owned that before didnt take care of it well. I have an 09 trooper yes I have had problems but I keep up with it and always check it ova. I have driven mine threw snow some deep mud a foot or so and been in 2' of water but I have done a pretty good job water proofing mine. I have also climbed some nasty hills and gone down some nasty hills and off camber type stuff everyone is different and all areas are too just my thoughts. GOOD LUCK

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