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I would like to suggest that every one consider replacing the 4 swing arm pivot bolt with 6" X 5/8" bolts and tighten them very tight so that the caps on the end and the spacer become one with frame so that the bearings in the swing arm and bearings pivot on the spacer and not the spacer on the bolt. You may also want to put a zerk in the middle of each mounting bracket. The 6" bolt assures there is enough shank to pass through both mounting tabs. You will need some washers also.

6" X 5/8" bolts are readily available and much less expensive that M16 bolts that probably don't have the 100mm (min) shank.

At a minimum. go tighten the bolts you have, very tight!!!!! Add some grease too.


Photos later, maybe

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are you talking about the swing arm bolts that go threw the frame like behind the seats on the bottom. I tightened mine with locktight a long time agao and check them I tried to replace them but no luck getting a size is that bolt threw mcaster??? I also grease then all the time everyride actually

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16mm = 0.629 921 259 84 inch

5/8 " = 0.625 inch

that's a difference of 0.00492125984"

0.004 921 259 84 inch = 0.124 999 999 94 millimeter

I used 5/8 X 6" bolts with washers so the shanks can go clear through mount tabs.

I did buy some 16mm X 140mm bolts, but the shank wasn't long enough, so I sent them back.

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Just before I went on the ride where I broke my output shaft I checked all my bolts. These were loose so I tightened them and stripped them so I can visually see when the start to loosen. Jeffs suggestion is definitely a better long term solution.

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