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Hey guys please did a 100 miles on my trooper this weekend I noticed that sometimes I hit the brake the pedal seemed low or soft and I noticed that sometimes after braking a little hard the next time I hit the brakes the pedal was hard. No leaks still got meat on the pads I'm assuming maybe internal master cylinder leak any ideas has anyone replaced a master cylinder and with one

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My guess is that the caliper plunger is getting pushed back a little more than usual and that makes the pedal feel soft because it has to push the plunger back to normal and the onto to the brake.

This could indicate that there is play in the wheel bearing, jack the wheels off the ground and wiggle the tires.

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I do have a little play in my front bearing but I have talked to Casey at jmc a few times about it and he feels like I am Probally with in spec. When I take the wheels off and grab the rotor the play is minumil and no grinding or noise from the bearings I have tried to get the bearing tighter nothing has worked and they r tappered bearing last time I replaced one there wasn't much difference

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Charlie...your brakes should be 1 master supplys 1 front,and the opposite side rear brake..the other the opposite front/rear combination...kinda like an X ..makes them fun to bleed,normally have to remove 1 of the "push rods",bleed,then switch sides. A common problem is when the master cylinder piston does not return all the way back (up against the circlip) sometimes just cleaning out the "gunk" in the end of the master will allow it to return...bigdan,have done a number of heaters,where did you plumb in and out ? what are you using for a heater ? Hardy

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sounds like you already know the problem...the input to the heater is the "almost" 5/8 line,not exactly sure where you returned,but sounds right...that circuit kinda bypasses the rad and themostat...the air lock can be a bit#% to get rid of...can you get your core lower (below head /rad upper hose) at least to bleed out air?...even loosen clamp(s) at heater core while running (carefully) to allow air to escape?...just my 3cents...Hardy

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Charlie,its awkward...but if you look where the brake "push rod" goes into the master cylinder,you can see the end of the piston...when the brake pedal is released,the piston should come all the way towards you untill it stops right against the snap ring if it doesnt come all the way back it wont allow fluid into your master from the resevior ...sometimes all it takes is to blow the dirt etc out from the end and work back and forth a little to get piston to come all the way back...just my 3cents...Hardy

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