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08 T2 starting issues

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my son hooked up my jumper box backwards after a dead battery condition. I have gotten my trooper to start only a couple times after this. I did a lot of visual inspections relay testing etc. so I pulled this thing out of the garage and hasn't been started in over a year. I purchased a new battery and installed it and it started on the first crank. I drove it around for awhile shut it off and now I'm dead in the water again it wont start. does anyone have an idea whats going on here??????????????????

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pull your fuse box off the wall behind the driver seat check for burnt wires also test and see if you have power at the starter and that the stater gets signal when you attempt to start it could have burn out the solenoid I am putting a new stater in mine

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I removed the fuse box behind the seat but didn't see any burnt wires and the buggy rolls over just fine. I did notice sometimes the fan doesn't kick on but the rpm guage does cycle through. is this possibly an ECU issue?

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      Hi I am new to the forum.  I have a small kids utv with a 125 4 stroke motor. It sat for over a year and I decided to get it running again.  Put a new carburetor on it and it ran better than ever. Change oil and fixed the brakes kids probably drove it for a few weeks maybe 3 to 4 hour maybe. Went to put it away after it sat for maybe an hour wouldn't start.  Just turns over no spitting or sputtering.  Checked compression has 150 psi, getting spark, changed spark plug old one was pretty black.  Put new cdi on and coil still nothing.  Any ideas would be appreciated thanks.
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      Does any one have a wire color code on wires one the rear relays on a trooper 2 2008 model i had a lower relay on  the rear fuse block  melt down so i pulled the wire couldnt remember so i looked and thought the black with read was ground any way its a mess please help if you can thanks  Bodyman  ps also were do people get parts now days i could use a fuel sender thanks agin
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      Hi everyone - Since Hisun makes Cub Cadet Challengers i am posting this here too as well as the cub cadet forum in hopes of reaching someone who can help me. 
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