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Radiator repair and possible moving

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Lately I've noticed a loss of antifreeze and when it was bad enough, I would run hot, and I noticed a dark build up on the same side as the filler. I removed thee radiator and sprayed it with soapy water to check for leaks and found all of tubes in the top 4 or 5 inches of the driver's side leaking at the header.

I had recently read that this could be fixed with J B Weld epoxy,http://www.stockcarracing.com/techarticles/scrp_0411_stock_car_radiator_repair/viewall.html

you build a damn with some tape and then mix up your epoxy and thin it with denatured alcohol and pour it on the fins and allow it to run in between the fins and then use a vacuum to try suck the thinned epoxy into where the leak is.

I prefer the long setting epoxy


I am planning to see if I can move the spare tire from on top to the back and then put the radiator up on top, out of the dirt.

Also had to rebuild the fan shroud because the mounting holes were cracking up.

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http://www.utvboard.com/gallery/image/1066-img-20150914-163226/ Moved radiator and spare tire

I now have a problem with the tubing or radiator cap not being air tight that causes the expansion and contraction of the antifreeze causing the antifreeze to be pumped out of the radiator into the reservoir and over flowing. As things expand and push fluid out, it fills the tube to the reservoir as it should, but when things contract and should pull the fluid back into the radiator, the tube has filled with air, as the cycle repeats, it keeps pumping fluid out. Still trying to figure this one out, or find the air leak.

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