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Does anyone have a pic of what our duffs look like inside with the locker still on them

What do you mean, I have some of the guts out of the case, if you have a problem with assembly, post it.

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      MSRP* $12,599 - Realtree Xtra w/Suntop - Available from August 2016
      $11,999 - Hunter Green w/Suntop - Available from August 2016
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    • By rkstonerock
      Anyone know of a limited slip locker (lunch box) or a selectable locker for the Joyners that will work in the rear of the 1100cc Sand Vipers?
      I'm spooled right now (2007 standard) but am afraid to go to open as I really like the traction when I need it climbing or in the sand.
      Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
    • By Nickb1907
      I tried searching for this and looking through the manual before I posted. I can't seem to figure out how to disconnect the cable from the pin coming out of the differential. I need to disconnect it to install the U shaped bracket that bolts to the diff that the cable goes through for the locker. My rear didnt have anything there.
      BTW i modeled up and did a drawing on the bracket based off the the front. If yall have a bracket that everyone could use, I can model it up, do a drawing and anyone could take it to a local welding shop and have it made. See attached bracket.

    • By Tinman
      Some of you guys have switch to the new manual system of locking the 4x4.
      Does anyone have a PDF parts manual for the T2 vehicle year that came with the the manual lever? I need to order everything by part #s because of my location... Please send it to [email protected]
      Also, for the ones who did the changes, are there any photos you can share?

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