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Joyner t2 break problem

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I have a weird breaking problem with my Joyner trooper.. I'm only getting fluid to 3 calipers. I've bled them a few times and still can only get fluid to only calipers.. also sometimes those 3 will intermittent and I won't any breaks at all..

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First the trooper has 2 master cylinder.1 cylinder dose L/F  R/r the other 1 dose the other 2. We have a pressure bleeder.Some times we use to fill the brake line at the master cylinder till it comes out the bleeder of the caliper bleeder.Close the bleeder and attach the brake line to master cylinder.Then bleed at master cylinder.You may have a clog in the brake line blow it out.Be careful blowing out line.Cover the ends of the lines.If this doesn't work call me on Monday. 928 246 6819

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Here's something to look at, this happened to me on a 2014 R2 I bought used. I had weak a spongy brakes so I tried to bleed them and kept getting air out the system. I had a vacuum pump and even went and bought a pneumatic brake bleeder, still was getting air bubbles. So I pulled off the master cylinder. While doing this I noticed that the rod from the brake pedal to the master cylinder was at a down angle. I then took the master cylinder apart and found scoring on bottom of the piston and the cylinder bore. I replaced the master cylinder and changed the rod position and it now works fine.

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I tryed everything and I still couldn't get any pressure... so here's what I did.. I bought break lines for a chevy truck.. there are a 10 mm banjo fitting just like the Joyner but on other end they are a 3/16 standered break line..  i also bought a 25ft roll of 3/16 break like and made my own lines and bought a master cylinder for a very dune buggy..I have great break now...!!!

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